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Nick Vyner

For Nick, the most important part of his music is the story it tells.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas

Texas, music has been a constant in Nick Vyner’s life, but the alt-pop sound he is known for now was not always his intended path – he actually grew up singing in a local boys’ choir.

With classical music as his driving passion, Nick continued studying voice and attended a performing arts high school. He began writing his own songs during this time and found that music freed his imagination and gave him the space to tell stories. No longer confined to the stricture of classical music, Nick decided to focus all of his creative energy towards songwriting.

After graduation, he put college on hold and moved to Los Angeles in the Fall of 2018, taking a leap of faith with the promise that he was going to make his music career work. He released several songs independently before making his label debut with “Mood Swing”, produced by Stanley Randolph. “Mood Swing” was released at the end of 2020 via a joint venture between TenThousand Projects and Flighthouse Media.

Nick Vyner takes a prolific step forward with his sound on “Flood,” a stunning single three years in the making.

Produced and co-written by Casey Malanuk (caaaaseyyyy), the track first found life in 2019 before countless, carefully crafted updates and re-recordings updated the single’s structure, all the while staying true to its lyrical context of feeling out of place in a new city where confusion, friendship, and loss swirl together. 


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